What is Yara Rewards? How does it work?

Welcome to the exclusive Yara Rewards programme for farmers, where loyalty pays off. As a valued member, you'll enjoy perks and privileges designed to elevate your experience with Yara.


Benefits of Yara Rewards:


  • Instant access to all the benefits of YaraPlus with a single account
  • Optimise your farming experience with additional Yara products and services
  • Discover ideal crop nutrition solutions tailored to each specific crop
  • Enhance the accuracy of your fertilisation with lab analysis and complementary products
  • Access personalised product offers from the product catalogue



How does it work?


With Yara Rewards, you can convert your Yara fertiliser purchases into points that can be redeemed for rewards. Find a full list of rewarded fertilisers and details here.


Simply scan or photograph the delivery note from your Yara fertiliser purchase and upload it to Yara Rewards.


Please note:

  • Yara Rewards is for farmers only. Distributors, merchants and similar entities aren't eligible to earn points and any documents uploaded will be rejected.
  • Invoices aren't accepted as proof of purchase.
  • You have a 6-month window to upload delivery notes to ensure your points are processed quickly and seamlessly.


We'll verify the uploaded document, and if approved, credit points to your wallet. You can increase your points further by taking part in regular activities throughout the year, such as challenges or surveys.


Your points are valid for 18 months and can be redeemed for rewards from a diverse catalogue of products in the agriculture, home and garden, or entertainment technology categories. You also get access to exclusive offers and benefits. Here are the products for which you can redeem points.


Your Yara Rewards account gives you an overview of all uploaded documents, points earned and transactions. Optionally, you can add crop details to personalise your experience.



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