How can I register my farm for the Yara Rewards programme?

Yara Rewards is available in YaraPlus, your all-in-one platform. Once you've created your free YaraPlus account, you can add and register your farm for Yara Rewards as follows:


  1. Register your free YaraPlus account.
  2. Click Add farm to add your farm.
  3. Enter the farm details in the input fields.
  4. Click Create to add the new farm.
  5. Select your farm to enrol it for Yara Rewards.
    • You can enrol one farm per YaraPlus account for Yara Rewards.
    • If you have only one farm in your account, it's automatically selected.
    • To add another farm, click Add farm and afterwards select the desired farm from the dropdown to enrol for Yara Rewards.
  6. Click Next to proceed.
  7. Choose your farm type from the dropdown.
  8. Enter the farm size in hectares in the corresponding input field.
  9. If you have one, enter a referral code from a friend in the corresponding input field, so they earn 50 points.
  10. Click Next to go to the Rewards homepage.
  11. You can now upload your documents and start earning points.

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