Where can I view my transactions and the total of my points?

You can view all purchases, redemptions, activities and other transactions as well as your point balance in your YaraPlus account as follows:


  1. Desktop: Click Transactions in the left navigation bar on the Rewards homepage. / Mobile: Click Transactions in the menu bar on the Rewards homepage.
  2. At the top you can see how many points you have available and how many points you've earned in total as a Yara Rewards member.
  3. Below the points balance you can see an overview of all your transactions, including transaction date, description/reference, points value and document ID.
    • Use the Transactional dropdown to filter the list by transaction type: purchase, redemption, activity, or other, then click Apply to update the list.
    • Use the date selector to filter the list for a specific date, then click Apply to update the list.
    • If you're missing transactions in the overview or the points value doesn't seem correct to you, please contact our support team and we'll check this for you.

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