How can I redeem my points for rewards?

Redeem your earned points as follows:


  1. Click View Yara Rewards Catalogue on the Rewards homepage to go to the Yara Rewards Store.
  2. The store homepage shows different search options and the number of redeemable points in the header.
    • Click the Shop menu in the header to view all catalogues with categories.
      1. Desktop: Click on a tab to select the desired catalogue, then select a category from the left navigation bar or click Shop All to view all items in a catalogue. / Mobile: Click on the desired catalogue, then select a category or click Shop All to view all items in a catalogue.
      2. Within a category, select a sub-category to access it, or click Shop All to view all items in a category.
    • Desktop: Use the search bar to search for a specific item. / Mobile: Click the magnifier icon to search for a specific item.
      1. Enter your search in the search bar.
      2. Use the catalogue selector to filter the results by catalogue.
      3. Desktop: Click Search to search for the item. / Mobile: Click the magnifier icon to search for the item.
  3. The items and their point value are displayed.
    • Use the filter options to filter the items by category, value or brand.
    • Use the sort option to sort the results by a specific criteria.
  4. Click on a desired item to access the item page.
  5. Read the item information on the item page.
  6. Select the desired product quantity with the quantity selector.
  7. Click Add to Cart to add the item to your shopping cart.
    • Alternatively, click Add to DreamTracker to add the item to your favourites to remember it for later. You can access the DreamTracker by clicking on the heart icon in the header.
  8. Click View Cart / Checkout in the pop-up to view your shopping cart. Click Continue Shopping? to continue browsing to add more items.
  9. Check your shopping cart and, if necessary, adjust product quantities or remove products.
  10. Click Continue to proceed to the checkout.
  11. Enter your contact information and shipping address in the input fields.
  12. Click Continue to proceed.
  13. Check your shopping cart and delivery information one last time.
    • If necessary, click Edit next to the delivery information to adjust the details.
    • Desktop: To return to your shopping cart and modify items, click Shopping Cart in the top navigation list. / Mobile: To return to your shopping cart and modify items, click Back.
  14. Click Place your order to submit your order.
  15. We've received your order and sent a confirmation to your email address.
  16. Click on the orders icon in the header to view and manage your order.

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